Scratch-it for Fashion

Engagement that's bursting at the seams.

From the fit of their clothes, to the content of their emails, shoppers demand a tailor made experience. Snag more loyal customers by catering to their high expectations of convenience. The interactive nature of Scratch-it promotes sustained customer engagement and prolonged brand interaction.
Bottom line – we increase your bottom line. Scroll down to see examples and schedule a demo to learn how your retail business can use Scratch-it to build more loyal customers, fight cart abandonment, and increase your ROI.

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New Product

Unveiling a new product or product line is the perfect time to use a Scratch-it. This type of Scratch-it uses reveal marketing, to well, reveal a new item. It is an exciting time for your company. Share this excitement with your audience by sending them a Scratch-it that builds anticipation and highlights the product.

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Let your loyal customers be the first to know. Sending a Scratch-it before an annual sale is a great way to drive traffic and increase revenue. Persuade readers to shop by using teasing language that will tickle the fancy of every shop-a-holic. Scratch-it’s seamless experience will take your readers from email, to scratching page, to deal image, and finally directly to your website.

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Cart Abandonment

Don’t let cart abandonment plague your business. Some customers just need the extra push to get through the checkout line. Send them a Scratch-it with an exclusive incentive. Your customers will be reminded of the items they left behind, and now, with with more motivation, will be more likely to purchase.

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