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The passenger experience doesn’t begin when they board the plane, it starts in their inbox. Land more loyal customers by grabbing their attention and keep it with interactive marketing. With attention to sustained customer engagement and prolonged brand interaction, Scratch-it offers an effective marketing solution perfect for companies wanting to improve their customer’s experience. Scroll down to see examples and schedule a demo to learn how your airline can use Scratch-it to build more loyal customers.

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Alaska Trivai Scratch-it
United Scratch-it
Southwest Scratch-it
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Alaska Trivia Scratch-it

This Scratch-it’s goal is to keep your airline fresh in the minds of your customers. It asks the audience to test their knowledge of your airline serving as a trivia-like reminder of your business's outstanding convenience, affordability, or customer experience. 

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United Loyalty Scratch-it

Let your loyal customers know how much you appreciate them by reminding them of special rewards they can earn. Promote your airline with a loyalty Scratch-it. Fill your seats or promote the use of your airline credit card, while letting your audience capitalize on more points or discounted fare!

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Southwest Discount Scratch-it

Scratch-it can effectively promote a deal. Using curiosity as its driving force, this Scratch-it bates the audience with intriguing copy then reveals the deal. Creating curiosity within your audience will motivate them to act, engaging them further with your brand. 

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